Quesadillas – Mexican Street Food Adapted for Appetizers

The quesadilla–translated “cheese in the dish” in Spanish–is just one of the many antojitos, or street foods, that are eaten in Mexico throughout the day. But quesadillas are also extremely popular north of the border in the United States. These savory tortilla sandwiches filled with melted cheese and an endless combination of fillings make an ideal appetizer.

Built on a foundation of flour tortillas and cheese, quesadillas lend themselves to a variety of filling choices. For a smoky, caramelized flavor, consider a grilled vegetable quesadilla. Want to create your own unique flavor combinations? Almost any ingredient will work, including braised pork, spicy chorizo sausage or chopped fresh tomatoes. After assembling your quesadilla, all you need is even, direct heat to melt the cheese and brown the surfaces of the tortillas. The traditional method of cooking tortillas is to use a comal (a thin clay or metal cooking surface), but you can cook them individually on a griddle or in a stainless-steel skillet. While they are still hot, serve quesadillas with a dollop of sour cream.

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